Below are a few testimonials we have received over the years.


To the Catanzaro family,

I’ve been a great fan of your egg biscuits for a long time and usually buy them at the Shaws/Chapel View, Cranston location.

My niece was married on 10/10/09. I made up 18 RI hospitality bags for the groom’s family, most of whom were from Texas, and for the wedding party. In addition to the basics, I wanted to include a local favorite of mine…your egg & wine biscuits. 3 of the hospitality bags were shipped directly to Texas to the groom’s grandmother and aunts who were unable to attend the festivities.

The day of the wedding, while the bridesmaids were getting ready at my home, one of the bridesmaids commented on the egg biscuits that I had put out for them and how much she loved them. My niece asked her where she had ever had them before (the bridesmaid lives in CT). She announced she had them the night before – they were in her hospitality bag (my niece hadn’t seen the contents of the bag ~ her bag was waiting for her & her new husband when they checked into the hotel that night.

Evidently they were quite a hit with the Texas guests as well, as I heard at Christmas that some of the groom’s family ordered your egg biscuits on-line!!

So if you had a spike of sales in early October from Shaws’ Mkt in Chapel View, Cranston and some new customers in Texas, it came from me!

Thank you for an excellent product.



I would like to thank Catanzaro’s for their generosity in sending a package to two RI’ers who are serving overseas. Their package of pepper and wine biscuits brought us back to our youth in RI. It is great to know that folks back home support the troops and Catanzaro’s has done a great thing by sending a care package. Thank you very much. Respectfully, CDR Al Mousseau &
LtCol John Bianchi.

Claudette S.
Today, I tasted your sauce, as is, and found what I’ve been looking for! I’ve never tasted such “freshness” from a jar. I’ve been making my own marinara forever, but yours is better.

“Your marinara sauce has all the attributes to be the best of the best. It is low-cal, low-carb, low-sodium and downright delicious. My homemade sauce is quite good, but far inferior to yours in comparison. I’m hooked.”

Monique R.
I’ve been over-indulging in your PERFECT red wine biscuits for the past year or so, and recently I discovered your AMAZING pasta sauce. My husband claims it is his favorite and it is mine, as well. I’ve tried almost every wine biscuit and sauce out there, but those that you make are truly the best found.

A satisfied customer!!!
I just wanted to give you some positive feedback on one of your products. Yesterday I purchased your pepper biscuits. I love pepper biscuits and was hooked on another brand until I tried yours; they are the BEST I’ve ever had and will continue to purchase them from now on.

Dyan D.

It goes without saying that your products are fabulous.  I have been enjoying them for many years. I always have red wine biscuits in my pantry. My daughter must have a bag of her own when she visits from California.  I bring them to her when I visit there.  I bring egg biscuits to my 89 year old mother and wine biscuits to my sister, both in NY, every time I go.  

I’m writing to you now because I started a new job a few months ago.  I had intensive training in 2 different departments. At the end of each training session, as a thank you, I brought in several bags of red wine biscuits and egg biscuits.  No less than a dozen people have begged me for more.  “What are they? I’ve never had anything like them before! Where can I get more?”  People took pictures of the bags and approached me months later, when they saw me again.  

Thank you! It has been wonderful to enjoy and share your products!

Alan A.
Just like I remember around year-end holiday time, but BETTER. Those BUTTER BALLS are “to die for”! I eat them in 3 bites to savor the unbelievable flavor & taste of each tempting morsel!

Mark R.
Your sauce is almost exactly like my grandmother’s!!! It’s super!!!!
I had it over plain Penne Pasta with some nice Pecorino Romano on it, just like we used to have it at home

Margie C.
Your wine biscuits are addicting (my favorite) and are the best by far. I send them to my daughter who lives in London and her favorite is your pepper biscuits. I have tried others, but I now only purchase yours.

Margie C.
Your wine biscuits are addicting (my favorite) and are the best by far. I send them to my daughter who lives in London and her favorite is your pepper biscuits. I have tried others, but I now only purchase yours.

Don P.
I am sitting in my office eating pepper biscuits right now. From now on, I will only order from your company…. You have a very satisfied customer for life

Bill D.
My wife is a terrible cook. So looking at your sight, I played the meatball recipe, the meatballs were terrific,

Marianne B.
Your Egg Biscuits are the BEST! Just like my great grandmother made! Authentic & PURE DELICIOUS! Thank you for bringing such a great product! Italian cookies are truly a lost art and you have captured them purely.

I just wanted to send you a quick message, I love your sauce. It has ended a longggggggg search for a great jar sauce. I may even give up making my own. I love it so much. Please keep making it!!!!!!!!

Peggy G.
I’m originally from RI and whenever I came home for a visit treat myself to pepper and wine biscuits. Once I tasted yours I have not bought any other bakery’s biscuits.

Larry G.
I just tried the pepper biscuits for the first time and I am hooked. I live in Orange Park Florida

Ed M.
We stopped in Providence on a recent drive and picked up a bag of your pepper biscuits at Venda Ravioli on Federal Hill because they looked good. Now we are hooked.